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A simple solution to every day diabetes management.

Many diabetic patients suffer from the pain and soreness of multiple lancet injections daily. Testing frequently, users can easily lose track of which finger was used last or how often. The Markies journal is a low tech solution for diabetics. This simple journal allows you to track finger injections as well as record glucose levels. No need to create your own charts, keep a journal, fumble with complicated apps, or try to remember.

The Markies journal is a complete solution to a common diabetic concern: sore and painful fingers. The Markies journal is portable. It can be kept with your diabetes kit and presented to your physician or caregiver for a quick summary of recent recordings. So, if you or someone you know is diabetic, consider a Markies journal as a solution to aching fingers. For most users, one journal can record an annual supply of data. That makes the Markies journal convenient and affordable. Make one a gift for a friend or loved one.